Martin signing today at stage door for Richard III. (24.7.2014) It was lovely!

My pic, please don’t repost, just reblog. Thanks.

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More pics of Martin signing today (24.7.2014)! Cont’d from this post.

Pics are mine. Please don’t repost, just reblog. Thanks.

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they saw the opportunity and took it


Today’s Martin_23,Jul,2014.

Steven Moffat and Sue showed up today, guess they had a little chat, so he didn’t do stage door.

He said bye and gave me a thumb up : ) unfortunately my hand was shaking so I lost the thumb up scene on video…

Please don’t post them to anywhere else without me knowing.


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BBC Sherlock in the original Victorian era

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Stage door photos from Richard Ⅲ. (22/07/14)

Martin signed for everyone, including my tickets and Hobbit book.

He said “Here you go, darling” when he finished signing for me.

Shook  his hand before he went into the car. So warm and sweet!

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TIL winged eyeliner is equally hard to draw on the computer as it is on your face

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its DJ Martin Freeman


“Martin plays a good villain. He did a thing called Jump Mr Malinoff Jump, where he played this quiet psychopath. Yeah, he’s terrifying. Everyone does think he’s really Mr Nice Guy. And he’s not, he’s a fiend. You’ve got a scoop,” she said with a laugh. “‘Partner is evil.’” (x)

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Damn - Is there ever an end to this photoshoot ? 2013 08 22 - ’ Unlocking Sherlock ’ Promotional Shots by Robert Viglasky

This is just an overview. For the early pics #01 to #04, there are bigger versions around, for the later pics #05 to #09, I wish there were bigger versions. And you are welcome to direct me to Hi-Res versions 1280 pixels wide or even wider regarding the later pics.

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haaha it’s not birthday yet guys. it’s on saturday actually, on the 26th

i appreciate all your bday messages though

you’re all a bunch of cutiepies

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